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New documents reveal FBI paid Geek Squad repair staff as informants

ZDNet--A freedom of information request revealed that the FBI used the Best Buy division's repair staff to flag illegal content.
March 07, 2018 Go to ZDNet

What an OTT Future Means for Brands

Harvard Business Review--As OTT transforms content distribution and communication, one interesting question is what happens when brands go “over the top”? Disintermediating traditional media pipes to the audience compels brands to maximize ownership of consumer touch points to deliver content, experiences, and products.
March 06, 2018 Go to Harvard Business Review

Five Charts That Show How Companies Are Spending Their Tax Savings

Bloomberg.com--About 60 percent of the gains are going to shareholders, compared with 15 percent for employees.
March 06, 2018 Go to Bloomberg.com

The Best Movies to Ever Win the Oscar for Best Picture - IndieWire Critics Survey

IndieWire--Great movies don't always win Best Picture, but some of the best movies ever made have managed to walk away with Hollywood's top prize.
March 05, 2018 Go to IndieWire

John Cazale, the actor who appeared in only five movies, all nominated for the Best Picture Academy Award

The Vintage News--“My beau is terribly ill and sometimes, as now, in the hospital. He has very wonderful care and I try not to stand around wringing my hands, but I am worried all the time and pretending to be cheery all the time...
March 04, 2018 Go to The Vintage News

If You Aren't Worried About A Trade War, You Don't Know About The Chicken Tax

Forbes--If you are an actual business leader, and not a real estate speculator pretending to be one, you probably know that trade wars are neither “good” nor “easy to win.” In fact, history proves just the opposite. So, it’s probably a good time to ask yourself what this means for your company.
March 03, 2018 Go to Forbes

iOS 11.2 power user tips and tricks | ZDNet

ZDNet--Here's how to get the most from iOS 11.2 on your iPhone and iPad.
March 03, 2018 Go to ZDNet

Guillermo del Toro Analyzes David Fincher's 'Zodiac,' Proves It's One of the Best Films in 'Recent Memory'

IndieWire--Guillermo del Toro spent much of the weekend tweeting about his adoration for the David Fincher serial killer drama.
March 03, 2018 Go to IndieWire

5 Content Marketing Quick Wins for B2B Brands in 2018

Business 2 Community--You’re pouring time, effort and resources into your content marketing, but nothing’s changing. Leads? Conversions? It’s a myth to get them from your content, right? Not really.
March 01, 2018 Go to Business 2 Community

Know Your Cyber Attacks: Five Common Exploits

SecurityRoundTable.org--Know Your Cyber Attacks: Five Common Exploits - When two major security flaws located in the microprocessors driving most of the world’s computers became public earlier this year, it was big news. Those...
February 28, 2018 Go to SecurityRoundTable.org