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SFist orphaned by public radio deal to buy Gothamist

SFGate--Three major radio stations have purchased the multi-city local news site the Gothamist, and it's not clear what this could mean for its Bay Area site, SFist. WNYC (New York), KPCC (Southern California) and WAMU (Washington, D.C.) announced Friday that they have joined together to acquire key assets of Gothamist and its LAist and DCist sites. SFist - a Gothamist site- was not named in this list, bu
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An Overview of The Factors of Success for New Product Development

interaction-design--Bringing a successful product to market is a team effort. While designers are responsible for usability, utility and the rest of the user experience there are many factors which contribute to the success or failure of new product development and many of these are outside of the designer’s direct control.The figure above shows the main factors which contribute to new product development success as
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Publishers and Brands Race to Own Voice-Assistant Skills

Publishing Executive--With Amazon and Google's voice-assistant devices gaining in popularity, publishers are building out skills to bring their content to the platforms.
February 23, 2018 Go to Publishing Executive

7 Product Management Job Titles (and What They Really Do) | Aha! Blog

blog--There are some Inuit dialects that have dozens of words for “snow.” The dialect spoken in Canada’s Nunavik region, for example, has at least 53 words to distinguish between wet snow and crystalline powder. Interesting, right? Even though I really like being in the mountains, you might be wondering why I am writing about snow.
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The Minimum Size Seed Round to Maximize Series A Follow On Investment

Tomasz Tunguz--A startup needs enough runway to hire a team and prove certain milestones to Series A investors.
February 21, 2018 Go to Tomasz Tunguz

Since When Did We All Buy Into Pointless Office Jargon?

Girlboss Media: Redefining success for ourselves.--We're all "aligned" that it's super weird, right? 
February 21, 2018 Go to Girlboss Media: Redefining success for ourselves.

Gibson guitar company facing bankruptcy after 116 years: Report

Consequence of Sound--The home of the iconic Les Paul guitar is struggling to get its finances in order.
February 20, 2018 Go to Consequence of Sound

Judge Rules News Publishers Violated Copyright by Embedding Tweets of Tom Brady Photo

The Hollywood Reporter--The defendants, including Breitbart, Time, and The Boston Globe, warned a loss would "cause a tremendous chilling effect on the core functionality of the web."
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Sky-High Salaries Are the Weapons in the AI Talent War

Bloomberg.com--Want to command the crazy wages? Here’s what you need to bring.
February 13, 2018 Go to Bloomberg.com

Inside Facebook's Hellish Two Years-and Mark Zuckerberg's Struggle to Fix it All

wired--For two years, Facebook has been hijacked, vilified, and besieged. Here's the inside story of the struggle.
February 13, 2018 Go to wired