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Nicolas Cage Can Now Be Put Into Any Movie in History Thanks to A Machine-Learning Algorithm

IndieWire--Let's face it, you've always wanted to see Nicolas Cage as James Bond and Indiana Jones.
February 03, 2018 Go to IndieWire

National Lampoon biopic A Futile And Stupid Gesture laughs at and with Doug Kenney

The A.V. Club--Doug Kenney’s life was practically made for a movie. As a Midwestern kid carrying a chip on his shoulder all the way to Harvard, Kenney and put-upon bestie Henry Beard channeled their abiding contempt for authority into the Harvard Lampoon and its nationally scaled big brother. Kenney went on to build the faux yearbook, radio program, and live show that would make up the Lampoon media empire, as w
February 01, 2018 Go to The A.V. Club

7 New Netflix Shows to Binge in February, and the Best Episodes of Each

IndieWire--Dark dramas and '90s nostalgia highlight a month filled with new Netflix series.
February 01, 2018 Go to IndieWire

The Most Revealing Moment in the New Joan Didion Documentary

The New Yorker--An exchange in Netflix’s “The Center Will Not Hold” shows Didion’s mastery of the journalist’s necessary mental and emotional bifurcation.
January 30, 2018 Go to The New Yorker

Oscars: How This Year's Doc Contenders Tackle Life in Trump's America

The Hollywood Reporter--'The Final Year,' 'LA 92' and more features tell the real story of what's happening in the country (the rising racial divide, the inaction on climate change) and the world (especially Syria).
January 22, 2018 Go to The Hollywood Reporter

'Humor Me' is a feel-good charmer: EW review

EW.com--The story of playwright Nate Kroll (Jemaine Clement), the tragicomic protagonist of the touching indie Humor Me, begins with one very…
January 19, 2018 Go to EW.com

Kristen Wiig to Star in Apple Comedy Series From Reese Witherspoon (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter--The untitled 10-episode series is the tech giant's first half-hour comedy.
January 17, 2018 Go to The Hollywood Reporter

The Definitive Ranking of James Bond's Best Watches

Esquire--These timepieces are nothing short of iconic.
January 16, 2018 Go to Esquire

The Best Sundance Films of All Time - IndieWire Critics Survey

IndieWire--From "Daughters of the Dust" to "The Babadook," Sundance has launched some of the best and most important movies of the last 35 years.
January 15, 2018 Go to IndieWire

With 'Black Mirror,' Our Dystopia Gets the Television Show It Deserves

The New Yorker--Throughout, the series sizzles with skillful unpleasantness, conveying its dim view of human nature in a way that implicates the viewer.
January 11, 2018 Go to The New Yorker