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Stop Breathe & Think Co-Founder Julie Campistron Shares Her No. 1 Tip For Uninterrupted Productivity

LIVESTRONG.COM--Julie Campistron, CEO and co-founder of one of the leading meditation apps, Stop Breathe & Think., shares her greatest tips on productivity and success — both of which don't include the widely-celebrated act of "multi-tasking."
September 21, 2018 Go to LIVESTRONG.COM

Oprah Winfrey Uses the Same 3 Sentences to Get Every Meeting Off to the Perfect Start

Inc.com--Feel like most meetings are a waste of time? Take a page from Oprah's playbook.
September 20, 2018 Go to Inc.com

Amazon's new small-business product 'feels like a trap,' says Shopify's CEO

Recode--Tobi Lütke thinks giving your business data to Amazon might not be a good idea.
September 18, 2018 Go to Recode

7 Habits of Highly Connected People

Inc.com--People say they hate networking, but many of them are simply doing it wrong.
September 16, 2018 Go to Inc.com

A security expert explains why you should put tape over your laptop camera

Business Insider--Is covering up the camera on your laptop a sign of paranoia or a good security tip for everyone to take into consideration?
September 16, 2018 Go to Business Insider

How to Make Your LinkedIn Profile 20x More Appealing, According to Science

Inc.com--Overlooking this simple (yet critical) section of your LinkedIn profile can make (or break) your success on the platform.
September 15, 2018 Go to Inc.com

News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2018

Pew Research Center's Journalism Project--Most Americans continue to get news on social media, even though many have concerns about its accuracy.
September 10, 2018 Go to Pew Research Center's Journalism Project

How Evan Spiegel Fumbled Snap's Redesign

The Information--Last fall, on a flight back from China, Evan Spiegel decided to remake Snapchat.Inspired by apps he’d seen in that country, Mr. Spiegel wanted to create a new version separating users’ friends’ content from the professional media. Each category would be sorted by an algorithm rather than ...
September 08, 2018 Go to The Information

Trademark Protection for Startups - ReadWrite

ReadWrite--As a startup one of your most important assets is your brand and that brand is usually embodied in your company name and logo. The valuable time that you invested in coming up with just the right creative name and developing the branding and marketing around that company name is impossible to measure. After creating …
September 06, 2018 Go to ReadWrite