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5 Direct Mail Myths Busted

5 Direct Mail Myths Busted

Modern marketers are facing more and more responsibility to make sure leads come in and close. It’s enough to scare the bejeebers out of anybody. Some are eyeballing direct mail as one more solution to help move prospects along. However, a recent report from PFL and Forrester Consulting, “Hybrid Experiences Bring Direct Mail Into The Digital Age,” (click here to download; easy registration required) shows that marketers have some serious, and legitimate, questions about the age-old practice of d...

Can a Hybrid Direct Mail/Digital Campaign Shorten your Sales Cycle?

Can a Hybrid Direct Mail/Digital Campaign Shorten your Sales Cycle?

Marketers in the attention economy need to pull out all the stops when it comes to converting complete strangers into paying customers. While sources differ on the number of touchpoints it takes to convert a customer, Hubspot and others estimate that it takes 8 touchpoints to generate a conversion. Modern marketers look almost universally at digital methodologies for reaching prospects. But th...

"If you don't know whether your content is expertly written or not, then it's definitely not expertly written."
John Mueller
Google Search Advocate
A different kind of SEO process.
I work with big and small brands alike to create market-facing content that is designed to build on the awareness and consideration that your marketing has been fostering. It starts with editorial profiles of your ideal customer, provides original content—articles, blogs, and other content—that is designed to appeal specifically to them, and ends up with an analytics report.

Review your marketing personas, interview key SMEs, review analytics and editorial efforts of competitors.
Assess what kinds of content will appeal to your ideal customers.
Write and promote content that meets their needs and wants.
Use analytics to determine how well the content did.
Revise and improve content plan based on what was learned.
Interested? Let's work together to create high quality
content for your B2B web site.

Here's how we can work together.

We talk or video chat about your organization and needs. If it feels like a fit, we'll set up a time to start creating the editorial profiles.

Editorial Profile Review
Based on information you have given me and through research, I present to you the editorial profiles. We hone that to make sure it aligns with your marketing personas.

Content Creation
We'll create an editorial calendar for the next few months, agree on the cadence of new content, and then the new, original content starts flowing.

Publish and Monitoring
As the articles are published, we make sure they are scooped up by Google and monitor.

We'll run an ongoing visualization of how the articles are doing, what kind of traffic they are generating, and track them through to conversions.

We will periodically review the plan against what is learned. If modifications to the plan seem called for, we'll discuss that.

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