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Experience with media, technology, healthcare, and education markets. Driven by new products and ideas. Self-motivated, analytical, creative problem solver. Award-winning and bilingual (English & Spanish).



Netsuite 05/26/22 Technology

Take, for instance, the complex but necessary issues of globalization. Growing companies that have international markets in their sights will need their accounting software to seamlessly integrate multiple currencies, multiple tax jurisdictions, and multiple languages.

But the key to the difference between ERP and simple accounting software goes well beyond features which can come and go. The true value of ERP over simple accounting software lies in the comprehensive nature of ERP: resource planning for the entire enterprise.

Netsuite 05/22/22 Data, Technology

...structured data can be defined as a controlled and hierarchically organized vocabulary used to describe and classify entities, be they news articles or a business’s products and services.

In organizations, structured data helps make information more accessible and easier to analyze, leading to deeper insights.

On the internet, it helps make information and web pages become more discoverable.

Structured data can be used to aid in content analysis, speed up on-site searching, improve search engine optimization (SEO) and generate new ways to display content.

Netsuite 05/19/22 Data, Metadata, SEO, Technology

Metadata is frequently described as “data about other data.” Whether describing the contents of a web page, providing the technical details of the kind of camera used to capture an image, or the administrative information of usage rights, among many examples, metadata provides additional information that helps assets get found and used more efficiently. In fact, metadata is mainly designed to be machine-readable and isn’t visible to the casual site visitor.

For example, metadata for a web page is designed to help search engines understand and categorize pages. Likewise, the metadata in a photograph can be used by a digital asset management (DAM) system for proper categorization to promote discovery and use. Metadata also has major implications in the universes of information-sharing, usage rights and content reuse.

Netsuite 05/06/22 Business, Finance

...In the world of accounts payable (AP), one of the most challenging jobs is managing the onslaught of supplier invoices that arrive each month. This includes verifying that the invoices are real — small businesses experience billing fraud twice as often as their larger counterparts, according to an Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) report — and then paying the ones that are....

Netsuite 04/22/22 Technology

HTML, short for HyperText Markup Language, is the simple language at the heart of the World Wide Web. Created in 1989 by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee, HTML was originally considered to be a solution to help scientists at the CERN Laboratory in Geneva, Switzerland.

The first website went live in August 1991. It was a page written by Berners-Lee explaining how to write HTML. To say it caught on rapidly is an understatement. Within just a few years of that first HTML document being published, there were already millions of sites, each of them written in HTML.

HTML’s simplicity is not all it has going for it. Where many languages crash when they hit an unrecognized tag, HTML simply ignores anything it can’t understand. Beyond that, HTML has been able to evolve over time to embrace the design values of CSS and morph into a Semantic language designed to be read and understood by machines and humans alike.

Netsuite 04/08/22 Business

Imagine if a warehouse wasn’t a place to store inventory but just another stop along the distribution path to a customer. This is the idea behind an inventory management strategy known as rolling inventory. Using this strategy, the delivery truck augments the warehouse space. Instead of going through the time and expense of offloading and storing an entire truck’s worth of goods, the rolling inventory strategy enables companies the flexibility and cost-savings of keeping some or all of the goods on the truck. The truck remains stationed outside of the warehouse. When delivery to the final destination is scheduled, the truck leaves with a full order. At least some of the product on the truck never entered the warehouse.

Netsuite 03/25/22 Business, Finance

A financial controller’s list of priorities reflects the wide-ranging and complex responsibilities associated with the role – from overseeing day-to-day accounting and finance tasks to managing staff and technology. Depending on the organization, a controller may have to create new policies and processes from scratch, as well as ensuring that existing processes run as efficiently as possible.

Netsuite 03/20/22 Business

The history of pie charts is more fascinating than you might think. A secret agent who plotted the collapse of the French economy with counterfeit money and the founder of modern nursing are but two of the intriguing historical characters who used pie charts to explain and advocate.

The first known pie chart was published in 1801 by Scottish engineer, political economist, and secret agent William Playfair. It showed proportions of the Turkish Empire located in Asia, Europe, and Africa prior to 1789. Playfair was no stranger to using graphics to interpret data, having invented the bar chart, area chart and line graph years before.

Playfair’s pie chart merely communicated data. It was not until half a century later that famed social reformer, statistician, and founder of modern nursing Florence Nightingale used the pie chart to advocate change.

Her “Diagram of the Causes of Mortality in the Army in the East” wove many layers of data into a complex pair of pie charts — really what, today, we would call polar area diagrams — to show that improvements in sanitation in camps and hospitals during the Crimean War dramatically reduced the in-hospital death rate from disease. She used this diagram for the most modern of reasons: to argue before members of Parliament, who she knew would not read the data.

The consequences of her chart and efforts over the next ten years led to sewage systems being installed in all English homes. This reduced the death rate so much that life expectancy in England climbed from 40 to 60 years-old.

Netsuite 03/11/22 Business, Finance

As the head of the organization’s accounting team, the financial controller plays an increasingly strategic role in ensuring the company runs smoothly.

There are many opportunities for controllers to improve the efficiency of day-to-day financial operations and enhance the business overall. New technologies help companies streamline or eliminate manual tasks and create more accurate financial forecasts, for example.

At the same time, controllers face the challenge of hiring and retaining talent that can help the company take advantage of these technologies to transform the business. Here are 6 top goals for financial controllers in 2022.

Netsuite 11/30/21 Data, Technology

When the first bits were dropped on the first hard-disk drive, it’s not likely that computer scientists imagined the onslaught of data just 50 years would bring. But those pioneers probably recognized that data management was going to become a challenge. Part of meeting that challenge is data modeling: the practice of developing data storage and retrieval solutions that fit the requirements of a particular business.

Netsuite 06/17/21 Data, Technology

In the data mart model, marketing, sales, finance and each operational business unit has access to the segment of the data warehouse and the information that is most relevant to them. Instead of live queries run against mammoth tables, queries run through a data mart are tight and targeted — and fast. Just as important, data marts provide frameworks to deliver actionable reports more rapidly.

The result: groups within a business can make more efficient use of the data that helps them run.

Netsuite Business

A key step on a product’s long march from inventor’s brainchild to customer’s favorite gadget is manufacturing. Technically, manufacturing is the process of assembling raw materials into products on a large scale using machinery. But manufacturing is no brief stop on the journey and it must be planned for and nurtured just like any other phase in a product’s birth.

An optimized manufacturing process can mean the difference between success and failure for nearly any mass-produced product.

Like every step on a product’s journey, manufacturing takes input and produces output. Input comes from the designs of the product being created and output is the actual, tangible product, ready to go into distribution.

Netsuite Business, Finance

If you want insights into how a company’s business is performing, operating income is a key metric to understand. Operating income measures the profitability of a company’s core business operations after deducting all operating expenses. It shows how efficiently the company can generate cash from its business operations. By excluding the effect of taxes, interest and one-time events such as acquisitions and write-offs, operating income helps managers, investors and lenders hone in on the fundamentals of the company’s core business.

I have a background in digital marketing.

    Director of Online Marketing for network of tech sites.

    Managed SEO for 110 international sites. Increased traffic by 30%.

    Analytics: create visualizations to help conference companies sell seats. (Google and Adobe)

    Content: managed content workflow for network of tech sites.

    Social: built social network to 100,000 followers.

Product Director

App Creation

Thinkerdeck was an award-winning note-taking app (tablet and phone) that helped users think through their ideas. Based on an index card model, users took notes, organized them, and downloaded them into an outline.

ThinkerDeck garnered several awards including being selected as a top-five note-taking app for high school students. Read more about Thinkerdeck

CRN Tech News was a subscription-based and ad-supported channel news application targeting VARs and resellers. It was connected to the UBM corporate CMS and designed as a template for other UBM businesses to be able to quickly launch a full-featured, native app.

Grew to 40,000 subscribers and generated ~$1 million new and incremental ad and subscription revenue in first 6 months.

Newsgetter tapped the rss feeds of the top unbiased news sources and combined them into a single feed.

Web Sites

Responsible for all digital products for niche media company. During my tenure, my team produced and managed over 200 products and projects, including:
  • Flagship site crn.com serving market of 3 million
  • Event sites providing at-event information and marketing for event.
  • Custom projects
  • Mobile versions
We also re-built the entire publishing stack, transferring 15 years of content from legacy system to new Drupal-based system and converted analytics from Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics.

Full responsibility for US online business for four specialty groups. Work included:
  • Converted siloed CMS to one taxonomy-driven CMS, enabling us to be much more responsive to client needs.
  • Integrated search and topic based supporter services.
  • Built video-based symposium product providing conference sessions year-round.
  • Ground-up construction of entire 17-person online team including marketing, sales, production, and business development.

Web index of peer-reviewed content with revenue based on search queries.

Subscription site providing access to 20+ research databases plus original content.

Worked as part of team that constructed a network sales and services model from multiple, independently operated sites for improved technical and business processes. Introduced network sales programs and run-of-network ad-serving. Worked with external tech blogs to drive traffic and registrations. Created Dogear Peelback, an award-winning ad unit that provided sponsors with large format, opt-in viewers.

    Best of The Web Awards: "Dogear Peelback" for Ad Unit of the Year

    Best of The Web Awards: "Tech Blog Awards" for Website Marketing using social media


      Best note-taking app for high school students for ThinkerDeck by Appolearning.com.

      Tabby Awards: finalist in Utilities category

      Mass Innovation Nights: Most innovative product (juried event)

Companies & Clients
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“The most important thing that Mike brought was his passion for new ideas, for accomplishing goals, and for providing challenging and valuable projects...”

— Amber Tresca, Health Content Creator and Podcast Hosts


“...always delivered excellent results to help drive digital product innovation, process and execution. His early version of content-based units were years ahead of their time."”

— Brandon Friesen, President, Just Media


“...highly creative and understands the importance of focusing on the practical business ramifications - revenue and profit - of the projects he's working on...”

— Tom Smith, Oracle Corporation


“...an innovator and thinker who executes.”

— Cora Nucci, Associate Editorial Director, HealthLeaders Media


“...truly understands the medium in a way many executives do not.”

— Anne Holland, Anne Holland Ventures


“It's never less than great working with you.”

— Konstantinos Kontos, Sr. Developer Saturated Colors


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The Downside of Working From Home: Loneliness

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Work Experience

Oracle Corporation

International Marketing and SEO

The Channel Company

VP, Digital Products

United Business Media

Director of Marketing, Director Online, Content Operations and Syndication
Education & Skills


Emerson College

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Creative Writing/Publishing, Editor of Omnivore magazine, President of Experimental Film and Animation Society.

Technical Skills

  • Analytics: Omniture/Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Certified in Google Analytics.
  • Programming: PHP, Cold Fusion, Xcode, HTML5, Javascript, Agile, mySql
  • Graphics: Premiere (Video Editing), After Effects (Motion Graphics), Photoshop, Screenflow (demo software).
  • Marketing Automation and Content Management: Eloqua (now Oracle Marketing Cloud), Responsys, Brightedge, Wordpress, Drupal, Teamsite, Screaming Frog, Hubspot CRM, Saleforce
  • Language: Spanish & English