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Yapsody: How To Setup Online Registration and Payments For Events

If you’re planning your event, here's how you can setup online registration and payment integrations for events through Yapsody ticketing.

September 11, 2020 Go to Yapsody

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September 26, 2020

Event-Industry Professionals' Views on In-Person Events Right Now

MarketingProfs--Most event planners and other industry professionals say they would not feel comfortable attending an indoor event, even at half capacity, because of COVID-19, according to this study.
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September 13, 2020

The Event Industry Is Being Confronted By Its Napster Moment

Skift--I won’t bury the headline: the vast, global events industry is going through its Napster moment through this pandemic, and is in denial on what this will
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September 11, 2020

Virtual Conventions Could Thrive Long After the Pandemic Ends

IndieWire--Most high-profile entertainment conventions have traditionally been held physically, but the balance of power could shift in the future.
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June 01, 2020

Marketing During the Pandemic Crises: An ABM Leaders Discussion Series

HE: TechConnectr--A series of webinars with a cavalcade of B2B marketing stars.
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June 01, 2020

Remote Working: What tools are companies buying?

TrustRadius Blog--With a 500% increase since the COVID-19 outbreak began, we’ve passed peak interest for web conferencing software. What else are companies buying?
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