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Rawsoft: Tracking Email Opens in Google Analytics

This post gives about a step-by-step approach for tracking email opens in Google Analytics. Yes, Google Analytics can also be utilized to track email opens.

February 24, 2020 Go to Rawsoft

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April 01, 2020

I've been doing Zoom meetings for years. These 7 tricks make them great

Fast Company--Put your virtual face on, watch videos together, and even help troubleshoot remote computers with these cool Zoom features.
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February 19, 2020

How a URL Shortening Application Works - DZone Web Dev

dzone.com--In this article, we discuss how a URL shortening service might be implemented with Zookeeper, Redis, and DynamoDB.
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January 23, 2020

Everyday Things We're Dying to Redesign.

Sara Shuman--Let’s save the world from a thousand tiny moments of frustration. There are so many opportunities to redesign everyday life experiences, effortlessly, online, from voting to scheduling your next doctor’s appointment.
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December 17, 2019

Apple iOS 13.3 Release: Should You Upgrade? [Updated]

Forbes--Apple iOS 13.3 has arrived. It's the best iOS 13 update to date, but it's far from perfect. iPhone owners, here's everything you need to know...
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December 13, 2019

How to Clear Facebook Cache, Twitter Cache, and LinkedIn Cache so Your Content Looks Right

Social Media Marketing | Social Media Examiner--Find a step-by-step guide to clearing the cache of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so your content looks the way you want it to.
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December 09, 2019

Google Maps tracks everywhere you go. Here's how to automatically delete what it stores

CNBC--Google has a tool that lets you automatically delete all of the location data it stores on you in Google Maps after a certain amount of time. Here's how to turn it on.
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December 02, 2019

The internet's history has just begun

Our World in Data--The Internet’s history goes back some decades by now – email has been around since the 1960s, file sharing since at least the 1970s, and TCPIP was standardized in 1982. But it was the creation of the world wide web in 1989 that revolutionized our history of communication. The inventor of the world wide web was the English scientist Tim Berners-Lee who created a system to share information through
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September 24, 2019

Google Docs has a Secret Hack

Medium--Ever find yourself stumbling to create a new Google Doc? Google knows the struggle, and has created a secret shortcut.
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February 02, 2019

Google Takes Its First Steps Toward Killing the URL

WIRED--Google wants to get rid of URLs. But first, it needs to show you why.

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January 23, 2019

Task Manager: Every Single Thing Explained

Lifewire--Task Manager is an amazing tool, full of hidden features. Here's every single thing you can do in Task Manager, complete with screenshots.
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January 03, 2019

Six IoT predictions for 2019

Network World--From security issues to skills shortages, these are the most important Internet of Things things to look for in 2019.
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November 05, 2018

The 11 most useful features in iOS 12

Business Insider--iOS 12 is here. Apple unveiled the newest iPhone and iPad software in June, but launched the big update in September. If you're new to iOS 12, here's the best it has to offer.
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November 04, 2018

Apple's laptop line is more of a mess than ever

Engadget--What's the point of the 12-inch MacBook if the MacBook Air exists?
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October 15, 2018

Facebook Messenger Message Regret? Now You Can Unsend Like This

HotHardware--Facebook will soon implement a new feature that will allow users to unsend messages sent to others on its Messenger service.
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Learn how you can improve your site by focusing on well-written content and the basics.
October 08, 2018

Hackers and governments can see you through your phone's camera - here's how to protect yourself

Business Insider--Most people know that computers can have malware, but did you know your cell phone is also vulnerable?
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September 18, 2018

5 Powerful Tips And Tricks For Print Style Sheets

Smashing Magazine--Print continues to be treated somewhat cursorily by most Web designers, who tend to be obsessed with pixels rather than printers.
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September 07, 2018

Chrome 69 kills off www in URLs: Here's why Google's move has made people angry

ZDNet--Chrome users protest Google's decision to cut out the www in the address bar.
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September 04, 2018

Skype finally adds call recording

TechCrunch--Skype is the communication tool of choice (and necessity) for millions, but it has always lacked a basic feature that no doubt many of those millions have requested: call recording. Well, Microsoft finally heard our cries, and recording is now built into Skype on both desktop and mobile.
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September 02, 2018

6 Ways Google Chrome Changed the Way We Web

Gizmodo--So, Chrome is ten years old. Officially in the double-digits. Soon it’ll be getting wispy chin-hairs and its voice will be cracking. That said, Google’s browser has accomplished a lot in the ten years that it’s been around. It went from a latecomer in the Browser Wars, with just a 1-percent market share early on launch, and now it’s the most-used browser in the world, with around 60-percent market
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September 02, 2018

Skype drops Snapchat-like feature since people weren't using it

Engadget--Skype is going back to basics by dropping Highlights and focusing on what you actually use.
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