What was Thinkerdeck?

The app that helps you think through your ideas.

Posted by Michael Grover on Oct 31, 2021
Thinkerdeck was an award-winning note-taking app (tablet and phone) that helped users think through their ideas. Based on an index card model, users took notes, organized them, and downloaded them into an outline.

ThinkerDeck garnered several awards:
  • Best note-taking app for high school students for ThinkerDeck by Appolearning.com.
  • Tabby Awards: finalist in Utilities category
  • Mass Innovation Nights: Most innovative product (juried event)
Thinkerdeck was a great experience for learning about the app ecosystem. It's actually rather stacked against independent developers and the numbers are not pretty.

First off, the vast majority of people never download an app.
Second, there is a psychological limit to the number of apps that can be regularly used on a phone and that number is (or was at the time) 8. Those eight apps include several of the standard phone apps: email, the phone itself, the camera. It also includes the monster apps: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

You can already see the the path to victory is pretty slim, with 6 of potentially 8 slots already taken.
Then, there's the deal with Apple: they get 30% of everything so a 99 cent app nets 70 cents. How many sales at 70 cents do you need to recover development costs? A lot.

I never would have been able to do Thinkerdeck without the amazing coding of Konstatinos Kontos. Jay Kamins did the logo and icon. Finally, I worked through the branding and name itself with Timo Elliot.

I never would have learned all that if I hadn't developed the app. You can read more about Thinkerdeck

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