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Pie Charts Defined: A Guide for Businesses

The history of pie charts is more fascinating than you might think. A secret agent who plotted the collapse of the French economy with counterfeit money and the founder of modern nursing are but two of the intriguing historical characters who used pie charts to explain and advocate. The first known pie chart was published in 1801 by Scottish engineer, political economist, and secret agent Willi...

Manufacturing: Types, Examples, Risks

A key step on a product’s long march from inventor’s brainchild to customer’s favorite gadget is manufacturing. Technically, manufacturing is the process of assembling raw materials into products on a large scale using machinery. But manufacturing is no brief stop on the journey and it must be planned for and nurtured just like any other phase in a product’s birth. An optimized manufacturing pr...

What Is Three-Way Matching & Why Is It Important?

...In the world of accounts payable (AP), one of the most challenging jobs is managing the onslaught of supplier invoices that arrive each month. This includes verifying that the invoices are real — small businesses experience billing fraud twice as often as their larger counterparts, according to an Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) report — and then paying the ones that are....

An Introduction to Rolling Inventory

Imagine if a warehouse wasn’t a place to store inventory but just another stop along the distribution path to a customer. This is the idea behind an inventory management strategy known as rolling inventory. Using this strategy, the delivery truck augments the warehouse space. Instead of going through the time and expense of offloading and storing an entire truck’s worth of goods, the rolling inven...

The Financial Controllers Checklist

A financial controller’s list of priorities reflects the wide-ranging and complex responsibilities associated with the role – from overseeing day-to-day accounting and finance tasks to managing staff and technology. Depending on the organization, a controller may have to create new policies and processes from scratch, as well as ensuring that existing processes run as efficiently as possible.

Top 6 Financial Controller Goals and How to Achieve Them

As the head of the organization’s accounting team, the financial controller plays an increasingly strategic role in ensuring the company runs smoothly. There are many opportunities for controllers to improve the efficiency of day-to-day financial operations and enhance the business overall. New technologies help companies streamline or eliminate manual tasks and create more accurate financial...

Operating Income Defined

If you want insights into how a company’s business is performing, operating income is a key metric to understand. Operating income measures the profitability of a company’s core business operations after deducting all operating expenses. It shows how efficiently the company can generate cash from its business operations. By excluding the effect of taxes, interest and one-time events such as acquis...

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