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What is the Brilliant People Index? Like all of us, I stand on the shoulders of giants. I am lucky enough to be connected with a lot of brilliant people online and I pay attention to the articles they share.

When an article they've shared is included in the weekly Marketing Articles You May Have Missed newsletter—whether it's of their own writing or a reference to an article they drew my attention to—I have the audacity to add them to the Brilliant People Index.

This Issue
Issue Number: 3-2020
Summaries: 15 articles
Sent: January 18, 2020

Darragh Grove-White, Algorithm Strategy + Digital Marketing Deployments, made this available:

The Truth About Engagement Pods

This One Marketing
Jan 17, 2020

The secret to getting massive social media reach without buying ads is digital engagement pods (groups).

Tom Smith, B2B digital marketing, Content marketing, and Demand generation , tacked this on my newsfeed:

It's Time for Content Marketers to Narrow the 'Value Gap'

Jan 17, 2020

52% say content that is too promotional or self-serving would cause them to drop a vendor when they’re researching technology solutions. That’s the second-ranked abandonment trigger, behind only overl...

Michael Stelzner, CEO/Founder: Social Media Examiner & Social Media, made me aware of this article:

How to Promote a Documentary Storytelling Series on Social Media.

Social Media Examiner
Jan 15, 2020

Discover how to release and promote a documentary storytelling series on social media.

Emily Boisvert, Director of Design and Development, shared this:

Digital Marketing for Startups: An Entrepreneur's Checklist.

Jan 15, 2020

Digital marketing for startups can feel overwhelming. There’s a lot of competition. Follow these actionable tips to see maximum ROI for your business.

Dan Keldsen, Product | Innovation | Technology, found and shared this:

Podcast: Can You Personalize Without Creepy Data?

Jan 14, 2020

How do we make journeys more functional without using data people don’t want us to have?

Cheryl Burgess, Consultant | Marketing Futurist | Author | Keynote Speaker, brought this to my attention:

How Starbucks uses AI to counter mobile's isolating effect.

Marketing Dive
Jan 14, 2020

So far, the results from Starbucks' (AI) technology Deep Brew are promising...Starbucks' customer connection scores hit an all-time high and sales are growing.

Tolga Onuk nailed this to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church:

The Emerging Importance of Chatbots

Jan 14, 2020

Chatbots certainly help to reduce costs, remove the limitation of limited number of human agents who can take the call and also ensure better accuracy in data capture in the conversation

Tim Moran, Consulting Editor in Chief, posted this:

Under Armour turns to podcasts and long-form content in bid to 're-center' global brand

The Drum
Jan 14, 2020

After years of pushing its products and tech, Under Armour is re-investing in its central brand with a new global platform and its first foray into podcasting.

Ray Manna, Digital Marketing + Customer Experience Strategy Lead, disseminated the following:

6 Key Content Marketing Strategies for Smart Speakers

Jan 13, 2020

Is your content marketing prepared for the disruptive force of voice-powered tech? Martech expert Ben Beck shares ways you to leverage smart speakers.

Linda Pophal, Content marketer with expertise in HR, healthcare, tech and business management , linked me to this.:

5 Content Marketing Trends That Burst the Content Bubble Myth

Jan 13, 2020

Despite what you hear, there never was a content bubble to fear. These five content marketing trends poke holes in the idea that assets are growing futile.

Elizabeth Parks, President at Parks Associates, promulgated this:

CBS All Access Chiefs Give Update On Subscriber Figures.

Jan 12, 2020
Film Video TV

CBS has added 2 million subscribers to its CBS All Access and Showtime streaming services in the last 12 months. The broadcaster revealed the new subscribers figures as part of a general update on …

Tony Uphoff, President & Chief Executive Officer at Thomas, spotted this before me:

I just stumbled across your profile and thought we should connect.

Jan 12, 2020

What hasn’t kept pace with this digital transformation however, are the basic sales and communication techniques required to establish strong, mutually beneficial business relationships.

Christopher Kenneally, Director of Content Marketing, Published Author, Host of Beyond the Book podcast, made this available:

How Music Copyright Lawsuits Are Scaring Away New Hits

Rolling Stone
Jan 12, 2020

The boom in copyright lawsuits is rattling the music industry — to the point where some artists and songwriters are spending tens of thousands of dollars on insurance policies

Brandon Birkmeyer, Podcasting Coach, Top 100 Marketing Podcast, tacked this on my newsfeed:

Podcast: Find Your Voice - Personal Branding (Part 1 of 3)

Brandon Brands
Jan 12, 2020

Today we talk about finding your brand voice for coaches, consultants, and experts. This is the first topic in my three part series on personal branding, covering the most important steps to build a p...

Jon Ferrara, Nimble Founder & CEO, #CRM Pioneer, Founder of GoldMine., made me aware of this article:

How to Write a Successful Formal Invitation Email.

Nimble Blog
Jan 12, 2020

Learn how to write a successful formal invitation email with this how to guide with real world examples you can use right away.

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