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What is the Brilliant People Index? Like all of us, I stand on the shoulders of giants. I am lucky enough to be connected with a lot of brilliant people online and I pay attention to the articles they share.

When an article they've shared is included in the weekly Marketing Articles You May Have Missed newsletter—whether it's of their own writing or a reference to an article they drew my attention to—I have the audacity to add them to the Brilliant People Index.

This Issue
Issue Number: 4-2020
Summaries: 10 articles
Sent: January 25, 2020

Emily Boisvert, Director of Design and Development, disseminated the following:

4 Things to Look For in a Marketing Agency for Startups.

Market Veep
Jan 24, 2020

A marketing agency for startups best serves young companies when it combines a data-focused approach with a collaborative, transparent, versatile mindset.

Niel Robertson, Co-Founder and CEO of, linked me to this.:

When Instagram influencers turn against you.

Business Insider
Jan 23, 2020

Mattress eretailer Casper said its reputation could take a hit if any of its thousands of influencers engaged in behavior that "adversely" reflected on the company.

Sara Shuman, Digital Creative Director, wrote this:

Everyday Things We're Dying to Redesign.

Sara Shuman
Jan 23, 2020

Let’s save the world from a thousand tiny moments of frustration. There are so many opportunities to redesign everyday life experiences, effortlessly, online, from voting to scheduling your next docto...

Ambika Sharma, Chief Strategist Pulp Strategy, wrote this:

3 strategies to keep your content marketing on top in 2020.
Jan 22, 2020

As personalisation, interaction, and engagement take centre stage, here are some trends that will drive content marketing in 2020...

Digital transformation storytelling tips: How to explain your work

Jan 22, 2020

You need to tell a good story to get people on board for the change that comes with digital transformation work – and to win respect for your team’s efforts. Consider these proven tips.

Jon Ferrara, Nimble Founder & CEO, #CRM Pioneer, Founder of GoldMine., tacked this on my newsfeed:

How to Boost Your Revenue with Online Video Content

Nimble Blog
Jan 22, 2020

Online video content dominates every channel of communication. And for good reason! Online videos are some of the most effective marketing tools available to you right now.

Renee Irion, Research Director, Demand Marketing Strategies at Forrester, shared this:

Lessons From the Playground: Five Tips for Improving Your B2B Marketing Program Planning

Jan 22, 2020

Use these tips from the playground to begin steering your marketing team toward a more strategic approach.

Shai Aharony, Founder and CEO Reboot Digital, nailed this to the door of the Wittenberg Castle church:

Text Hidden by CSS: Does Google Index It?

Jan 21, 2020

A long term hidden text experiment from Reboot looks at 4 methods designers use to hide text. The result: Google prefers visible text sites but surprisingly also weighs Textarea content as visible tex...

Ray Manna, Digital Marketing + Customer Experience Strategy Lead, promulgated this:

Pharma's 2019 TV spending ticks up-barely-thanks to big Humira growth

Jan 21, 2020

Pharma TV spending finished 2019 at $3.79 billion, just a notch higher than the $3.73 billion tally in 2018 for brand spending on TV commercials—and just one drug accounted for the entire increase.

Emily Crume, Social Media Marketing World, found and shared this:

How to Recover a Suspended Facebook Ads Account

Social Media Examiner
Jan 20, 2020

Find out how to submit an appeal to get a suspended Facebook advertising account reactivated.

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