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As a marketer for leading media and technology organizations for the past 18 years, I've had my share of SEO consultants and agencies streaming though with big ideas.

Invariably, their big ideas didn't address the tactical needs of day-to-day SEO. It felt like they were spending more time growing the relationship – and the problems – than providing realistic, actionable solutions.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. Based on much of what is in the SEO Manifesto, I created the report I always wanted an SEO service to deliver:

  • informative, back-to-basics information,
  • gives me actionable recommendations,
  • delivered quickly and doesn't cost a fortune.
I call it The SEO Report That Gives You Answers because, well, that's what it does.

A Hybrid Process Brings You the Best of Both Worlds

What is unique about The SEO Report That Gives You Answers is that it's a hybrid between automated and real human-powered.

See, I wrote software that handles all of the dreary, repetitive bits so that I can focus on the part I really love: making real, action-oriented recommendations. You won't be stuck with some automated, canned response but are delivered custom recommendations tailored exactly to your needs and to the parts of your site that mean the most to you.

But what's really great is what you don't have to do: you don't have to learn how to do it. Just drop a handful of URLs on my lap and three days later you get a report.

The Action Tips Checklist makes it easy to prioritize changes.

And, not some wishy-washy, mealy-mouthed, tribute to ambiguity. The SEO Report That Gives You Answers front-loads an Action Checklist that makes it easy to review and prioritize the recommendations.

And, each Action Tip is ranked for the impact it will have.

You can even download the Action Tips Checklist right into Excel so you can easily move from having the report to getting the tasks into your systems.

See a Sample Report.

Here's a tour through the report generated for a popular LA-based newsy lifestyle and entertainment web site. The report finds a handful of issues and lists them (and their severity) in an "Action Tips Checklist" right at the top of the report.

Based on just 5 URLs, several of the issues identified were site-wide, causing friction in the way Google indexed and showed their entire site. But, luckily they were easily fixable and fixing them improves the SEO of the entire site.

Three of the issues were system-wide and impacted all of their stories and were easily fixable, thereby improving the SEO of the entire site.

How Does This Work?

Each report includes an in-depth technical analysis of up to 10 URLs from your site or a competitor's and a one-hour phone consultation.

After a brief kick-off call, your list of up to 10 URLs will go through an audit which includes the following:

  • Each URL is automatically parsed to extract 15 key SEO parameters.
  • Each parameter is manually inspected within the context of the page and Action Tips are custom-written to help you improve your pages.
  • Lastly, a brief Executive Summary is written that gives a broad overview of the pages and includes the most critical Action Tips, if necessary.

The final report, which takes about 3 business days to create, is delivered to you. Then, we will schedule the one-hour phone consultation to discuss the results and answer any SEO questions that you have.

Report prices begin at $799 and there are discounts for booking multiple reports.

Are You Ready to Learn More?

Would you like to learn more about how The SEO Report That Gives You Answers can help make your site better? Fill out this form and let's talk! Or, call me directly at 617-435-1340.

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