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Trainer’s Notebook: Online Interaction Tools To Engage Your Audience in the Room and Beyond

Beth’s Blog--This past month I’ve done several workshops where I experimented with different audience online interaction tools to engage people in the room as well as a remote audience tuning in through a live video stream.   These were workshops at Cause Camp,  Global Giving, and the Hartford Foundation. My
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How to Write A Blog Post for Ad Agency New Business

FUEL LINES--A framework for writing meaningful, properly constructed and search engine optimized posts will allow you to write faster and more effectively. I’ve known of Michael and his work in helping c…
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Almost everyone is making a huge mistake with their iPhone

The Independent--One of the biggest mistakes on the iPhone doesn't look like a mistake. In fact, it looks helpful. But potentially millions of people are wasting time, battery and finger energy on an entirely unnecessary and perhaps unhelpful exercise, every single day. iPhone users are busily swiping away apps to force them to quit when there is no need to at all.
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This chart shows where robots are going to replace humans on Wall Street

Business Insider--The robots are coming for Wall Street's jobs, and McKinsey & Co has an idea of exactly what jobs they are coming for.
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Four Reasons Why A Content Destination Is An Essential Piece of Your B2B Platform

Envoy Enterprise B2B Commerce Software for Footwear & Apparel--A dedicated content destination in your B2B platform informs your buyers, keeps them up to date, and engages them in your key stories. As a result, you build greater brand loyalty and grow your wholesale channels.
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Best Practices For Authors Who Want Their Book In Bookstores

HuffPost--One of the most thrilling experiences an author can have is walking into a bookstore and finding their book on the shelves. I’ve seen authors giddy in th...
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Discovery Hires Ex-Twitter TV Head Fred Graver as SVP Digital Content and Social

Variety--Discovery Communications has named Fred Graver as senior VP, digital content and social for Discovery Digital. Graver most recently served as the global head of TV for Twitter. In his new role at D…
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Publishing's Digital Transformation: 'What the Readers and Users Want'

Publishing Perspectives--The challenge is to respond to the customer 'as a partner or collaborator,' says one expert in a discussion of where publishing is in the digital dynamic.
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Dan Harmon is bringing Kurt Vonnegut’s The Sirens Of Titan to TV

avclub--If he hadn’t recently confirmed the Rick And Morty season three premiere, the news that Dan Harmon‘s developing another TV series might have had led to a fan uprising (or, more likely, just angry tweets). Instead, we can feel excited andor cautiously optimistic about the fact that Harmon’s adapting
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