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Pivot Tables for Beginners

Pivot Tables for Beginners

The first thing to know about Pivot Tables is that there is nothing a Pivot Table does that an advanced user can’t also do through writing formulas. The value of the Pivot Table is that the data can be sliced and diced quickly and the drag-and-drop interface means that there is no need to wrestling with sometimes-unwieldy formulas. Instead, Pivot Tables help you explore the data and visualize the...

What is Structured Data: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Structured Data: A Beginner’s Guide

...structured data can be defined as a controlled and hierarchically organized vocabulary used to describe and classify entities, be they news articles or a business’s products and services. In organizations, structured data helps make information more accessible and easier to analyze, leading to deeper insights. On the internet, it helps make information and web pages become more discover...

What is Metadata and Why is it Important?

What is Metadata and Why is it Important?

Metadata is frequently described as “data about other data.” Whether describing the contents of a web page, providing the technical details of the kind of camera used to capture an image, or the administrative information of usage rights, among many examples, metadata provides additional information that helps assets get found and used more efficiently. In fact, metadata is mainly designed to be m...

Data Modeling Explained: Types & Benefits

Data Modeling Explained: Types & Benefits

When the first bits were dropped on the first hard-disk drive, it’s not likely that computer scientists imagined the onslaught of data just 50 years would bring. But those pioneers probably recognized that data management was going to become a challenge. Part of meeting that challenge is data modeling: the practice of developing data storage and retrieval solutions that fit the requirements of a p...

"If you don't know whether your content is expertly written or not, then it's definitely not expertly written."
John Mueller
Google Search Advocate
Data Mart Defined: What It Is, Types, & How to Implement

Data Mart Defined: What It Is, Types, & How to Implement

In the data mart model, marketing, sales, finance and each operational business unit has access to the segment of the data warehouse and the information that is most relevant to them. Instead of live queries run against mammoth tables, queries run through a data mart are tight and targeted — and fast. Just as important, data marts provide frameworks to deliver actionable reports more rapidly....

The Impact of #trending on Linkedin

The Impact of #trending on Linkedin

If it was trending in #marketing, which Linkedin claims to have more than 19 million followers, would it be unreasonable for me to expect viewership of the post to head upwards and fast? Even a tiny fraction of those 19 million+ #marketing followers ought to give me a huge bump in viewership of my post. For, certainly the Linkedin algorithm must use trending as a component for display. I mean,...

Blockchain in Manufacturing

Blockchain in Manufacturing

That is exactly how blockchain works, however super-charged by computers to have thousands or tens of thousands of nodes. When an authenticated transaction is posted to one node, that information is automatically posted to them all. So, as did Scrooge in the example above, a discrepancy can be found out by checking across nodes. And since computers are at play here, a thousand nodes can be checked...

A different kind of SEO process.
I work with big and small brands alike to create market-facing content that is designed to build on the awareness and consideration that your marketing has been fostering. It starts with editorial profiles of your ideal customer, provides original content—articles, blogs, and other content—that is designed to appeal specifically to them, and ends up with an analytics report.

Review your marketing personas, interview key SMEs, review analytics and editorial efforts of competitors.
Assess what kinds of content will appeal to your ideal customers.
Write and promote content that meets their needs and wants.
Use analytics to determine how well the content did.
Revise and improve content plan based on what was learned.
Interested? Let's work together to create high quality
content for your B2B web site.

Here's how we can work together.

We talk or video chat about your organization and needs. If it feels like a fit, we'll set up a time to start creating the editorial profiles.

Editorial Profile Review
Based on information you have given me and through research, I present to you the editorial profiles. We hone that to make sure it aligns with your marketing personas.

Content Creation
We'll create an editorial calendar for the next few months, agree on the cadence of new content, and then the new, original content starts flowing.

Publish and Monitoring
As the articles are published, we make sure they are scooped up by Google and monitor.

We'll run an ongoing visualization of how the articles are doing, what kind of traffic they are generating, and track them through to conversions.

We will periodically review the plan against what is learned. If modifications to the plan seem called for, we'll discuss that.

Michael Grover

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