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Michael Grover

Michael Grover

Los Angeles, Ca • Working Worldwide •
(213) 819-8217 • mike@michaelgrover.com

Writer. Senior-level media, technology, and marketing professional. I am an analytics-driven, bilingual (Spanish/English), senior-level marketing and product professional with extensive SEO, analytics, technical, and international expertise. Based in Los Angeles, working worldwide.

I have held marketing and technology leadership positions for major news, product, and event businesses.

Closing in on 20 years of experience marketing and managing a wide variety of digital and traditional products. From product management to marketing to running an entire publishing division for a major publisher, I've developed and executed marketing and product strategies across digital, print (ads and collateral), events, and social. Always KPI-oriented.

It has been said that I possess a combination of technical and business experience that is difficult to find.

Product Highlights

Here are details about some products I have been a key player in creating.

The Influencer's Bureau

Independent Project

Problem B2B influencers are much harder to find than their B2C equivalents. While B2C marketers can rely on popularity to identify influencers, B2B influencers are much more nuanced, leading and participating in smaller, more targeted communities.

Solution I built a system which tracks publicly available social postings in such a way that it focuses only on B2B individuals and organizations. The resulting database can then be used to help identify untapped industry experts who can be part of ongoing programs.

The 2018 B2B Hashtag Report provides on the top 150 B2B hashtags in 4 industries.

The Influencer's Bureau helps identify untapped B2B industry experts.

Dogear Peelback

United Business Media

Problem The TechWeb Network needed to create new revenue without cannibalizing existing sponsorship opportunities.

Solution I conceived, spec'd out, and supervised the development of an award-winning ad unit which peeled the page back to reveal a sponsors messaging. Supported text, image, and video. Launched across 20+ sites, generating over $1MM incremental revenue in first year.

A new kind of ad unit won Best of The Web

DogEar Peelback generated > $1MM in incremental revenue and won Best of The Web from Min's magazine.

Tech News iPad App

United Business Media

Problem: With print advertising dying, we received funding to build a scalable app product to be a framework for other business units.

Solution: Created and managed development of iPad app (branded as Tech News) integrated with global content management system (CMS). Launched first as a paid-subscription product, we pivoted to ad supported. Within several months we had 45,000 downloads and made #1 in iTunes category.

The Tech News app provided a scalable framework technology to be used by dozens of business units at UBM.

The Tech News app provided a scalable framework technology to be used by dozens of business units at UBM.

Tech Social Network

United Business Media

Problem: Social media strategy was haphazard. Individual authors used different tools to post article inks with no tracking capabilities.

Solution: Developed topic-based social network feeds matching content development with sales priorities. Stories fed to social media were tracked back through to traffic and conversions. Also enabled a new social ad unit providing sponsors with a high-value, high-interaction space to align their brand with specific topic areas.

Tech Social Network was a social strategy that provided tracking through to completion.

Tech Social Network was a social strategy that provided tracking through to completion.

Dynamic Href-Lang Tags

Oracle Corporation

Problem: Oracle had a heavy emphasis on international publishing (producing 110 localized sites) but it was hard to get Google to index the correct country site. Href-lang tags had been deployed manually, requiring constant updating with a heavy risk of errors.

Solution: Working with the international publishing team, I helped to spec out and manage the deployment of dynamically generated href-lang tags which automatically showed up on new pages as they were translated.

Dynamic href-lang tags enabled international sites to be found by Google upon translation.

Dynamic href-lang tags enabled international sites to be found by Google upon translation.


Independent Project

Problem: While there was no shortage of note-taking apps in the Apple ecosystem, the retro-idea of taking notes on index cards was missing.

Solution: Working with an independent developer, I created an app that completely mimicked the idea of taking notes on index cards. Cards could be sorted and grouped and colors could be assigned. Achieved 5,000 downloads and won "best note-taking app for high-school students" from Appolearning.com.

The best note-taking app for high school student per Appolearning.com

The best note-taking app for high school student per Appolearning.com


United Business Media

Problem: Prominent search engines could not be relied on to provide medically-valid results because they index the entire web. We wanted to provide the medical industry and pharmaceutical supporters with a Google for medicine.

Solution: Our editorial team, working with specialty-based advisory boards, vetted and certified sites which were then indexed through a proprietary system. Subscribers could then search and find data in four specialties. Pharmaceutical supporters purchased text ads based on categories.

Only medically-vetted sites appeared in this Google for professional healthcare.

Only medically-vetted sites appeared in this Google for professional healthcare.

Other Products

Problem: The company had heavy penetration delivering content to institutions but the web offered a way to reach users directly.

Solution: I launched a subscription-based, end-user service providing physicians with research, CME, and educational programming.

Problem: Original series producers and independent filmmakers needed a way to deliver their programming securely via the web.

Solution:Siteroll.tv provided an OTT-style framework for creating branded environments for them.


International Marketing and SEO

Focus on international markets. Ran engagements with international marketing teams in Europe, APAC, and Latin America to:

  • increase marketing data capture rates,
  • drive more organic traffic,
  • support local marketing initiatives.

SEO analysis, Traffic Analysis and Reporting, and KPI and Metric Management. Specified and supervised technical program development involving SEO such as deploying dynamic href lang tags.

November 2016 - March 2019

Oracle Corporation

Marketing and Technology Solutions Consultant

Used technology to identify product users, reach more of them, and increase conversions. Media and Entertainment clients. Work included:

  • Code Girl Movie: Overall site management, developed paid and organic traffic-driving programs, managed e-commerce functions.
  • Displaced Films: Web and social media development for new films. Fundraising strategy.
  • Siteroll.tv: Developed a plug-n-play OTT framework providing original series developers and independent filmmakers a brand new way to package, promote, and broadcast your on the web
  • Newscenter.io: Site management and traffic consulting for startup news site covering technology.


MG The Marketing Group

VP, Digital Products

Responsible for strategy and execution on all digital products for media/events company. Reported to CEO. Roadmap owner.

  • Owned and drove all development and publishing technology priorities including cross-team product planning with marketing, sales, editorial, and audience development
  • Created news-app connected to company CMS
  • Attended events, polled customers, built events apps.
  • Responsible for analytics system (Adobe Analytics) usage, providing reporting services throughout the company
  • Established process for products to be delivered faster with versions iterated based on analytics

January 2012 to May 2015

The Channel Company

Director of Marketing, Content Ops, and Syndication

Progressive career with major technology news publishing organization.

  • Marketing Director for TechWeb Network: Responsible for marketing strategy and execution across ditigal, print, and events, creating new products, and traffic-driving programs and activities. Reported to VP Online.
  • Director of Online for Healthcare Business: Business lead with P&L responsibility for US healthcare publishing business. Built entire organization from scratch. Reported to CEO.
  • Director of Content Operations and Syndication: Worked with 20+ brands to conceive and launch profitable web and mobile products. Data-mining to identify new opportunities, created Social Media network, Organic and Paid traffic.

June 2000 to January 2012

United Business Media

Other Experience

Launched subscription-based service providing physicians with research, CME, and educational programming.

Product manager for exchange site connecting communications professionals with journalists. Sold to Cision.

Netflix-model library of technical documentation marketed to IT organizations. Sold to Skilsoft.


Select referenced from LinkedIn.

"It's never less than great working with you."

Konstantinos Kontos, Sr. Developer Saturated Colors

"...cutting edge knowledge of new media..."

Timo Elliot, Buddha Branding


Mike Azzara, Principal, Content Marketing Partners

"...an innovator and thinker who executes."

Cora Nucci, Associate Editorial Director, HealthLeaders Media

"...he set one of the most rewarding professional cultures I've been a part of in my career."

Amber Tresca, ENA Healthcare Communications

"...always delivered excellent results to help drive digital product innovation, process and execution. His early version of content-based units were years ahead of their time."

Brandon Friesen, President, Just Media

"...truly understands the medium in a way many executives do not."

Anne Holland, Anne Holland Ventures

"...highly creative and understands the importance of focusing on the practical business ramifications – revenue and profit – of the projects he's working on..."

Tom Smith, Oracle Corporation

"...creative thinking..."

Nevin Berger, Lead User Experience Designer, Revitas Inc

Education & Skills

Emerson College

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Creative Writing/Publishing, Editor of Omnivore magazine, president of Experimental Film and Animation Society.


Analytics: Omniture/Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Certified in Google Analytics.
Programming: PHP, Cold Fusion, Xcode, HTML5, Javascript, Agile, mySql
Graphics: Premiere (Video Editing), After Effects (Motion Graphics), Photoshop, Screenflow (demo software).
Marketing Automation and Content Management: Eloqua (now Oracle Marketing Cloud), Responsys, Brightedge, Wordpress, Drupal, Teamsite, Screaming Frog, Hubspot CRM, Saleforce
Language: Spanish

Awards & Certifications

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