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Website Management, Product Management, Marketing, Podcast Promotion
Also: Writer, SEO, Analytics

Los Angeles, CA | mike@michaelgrover.com

I got involved with the web working at the great SilverPlatter Information where we sold databases on CDs to libraries. A couple of us colluded on a skunkworks project to convert the company's technology to web-based and helped change the game for the company.

Since then, I have worked on countless websites, web products, and apps. Work has included:

Site Redesigns Working with stakeholders and analytics to uncover and document business needs and working with developers and designers to create new sites.

Product Development Creating new products and features that improve site experience, usability, and revenue.

SEO Improving and establishing site rankings in search engines by implementing best practices and monitoring results.

Product Roadmaps Creating and managing complex product roadmaps and prioritizing development and design work.

User/Persona Research Conducting and analyzing user and persona research to quantify and qualify needs and goals.

And much, much more. If you've got web goals and need some help, let's talk.

Here are descriptions of some of my professional experiences.

96 Monkeys This organization provides subscription-based website management services.

Oracle Software I managed international SEO for 3 years. Using basic SEO techniques, organic traffic to their international sites got a 30% lift. I used Adobe Analytics a lot and made presentations to lots of stakeholders.

The Channel Company I ran all of their digital products for 3 years. My amazing team and I generated more than 200 websites and apps during my tenure, including a major site and system overhaul (replacement), and we set up a structure that enabled the company to sell 10x more custom sites.

United Business Media Over a lengthy period, I helped convert the legacy magazine business into a thriving web business. For a time, I ran their healthcare publishing operations in the US. I also invented a role called Content Operations and Syndication in which I helped their journalism flourish.

I've also consulted for lots of companies, including:
I am a tool nerd. If it's a piece of software, I need to learn how it works. I have no choice.
Adobe Premiere Adobe Photoshop Adobe After Effects Adobe Audition
Wordpress Elementor WordPress Theme WIX Website Builder SquareSpace Website Builder WPEngine Hosting Platform Hostinger Hosting Platform Adobe Creative Cloud
Bootstrap Website Framework Shopify Google Tag Manager Google Analytics Mailchimp Mailing Services Constant Contact Marketing Platform
Website Management
Podcast Promotion
If you would like to consider bringing me in on a contract, part-time, or full-time basis, the best action is to send me an email at mike@michaelgrover.com.

Michael Grover

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