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I am a highly technical digital marketer who helps small to mid-sized businesses and marketers move from strategy to getting shit done. If you want to get shit done, let's talk. Learn More

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People say...

“...highly creative and understands the importance of focusing on the practical business ramifications - revenue and profit - of the projects he's working on...”

“...an innovator and thinker who executes.”

About Me.

My value comes from 20+ years of hands-on experience running web products and marketing — including SEO, Analytics, content marketing, product management, and more — for news, technology, media, and healthcare education companies.

What can I do for your small to mid-sized business?

Market dynamics are changing fast and resources are getting tighter. And your marketing to-do list probably shows no signs of letting up.

I use an on-call model to work with marketing leadership at small to mid-sized organizations to help prioritize and accelerate projects. I call it Getting Shit Done. And when the work you need done is outside of my personal experience, I have a whole network of talented pros I can bring in.

From very tactical projects like helping to understand how your site is currently being used to creating and executing plans that will draw more visitors (the kind of visitors you want) to hands-on management of your site.

My on-call model means that your marketing team can work with me and my network as-needed and can be as involved as they need me to be.


To make things simple for everyone, I provide services in packages.
Buy what you want and then use the service as needed. No contracts.

10 hours: $1,200
20 hours: $2,200

How is your web site used?

What pages and sections attract the most visitors? How do you turn anonymous visitors into customers? How can you do that more often?

Full Analytics Review ~6 to 10 hours
KPI Tracking Analysis ~4 to 6 hours
Self-service Report Building ~1 hour

Regular reporting, analytics management, code and tag deployment, KPI identification & management, Integrating 3rd-party data. Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Tableau, Domo

Get more visitors.

Identify and execute ways to draw more visitors to your site. Includes search engine traffic to your site, paid traffic plans, list building, etc.

Audience Building Plan ~4 to 6 hours
Search Engine Review ~3 to 6 hours
Content Strategy Alignment ~2 to 4 hours

Create and deploy an effective, measurable SEO strategy. Improve performance of Key Performance Indicators. Includes site and content review as well as a 15-point technical review.

Manage your site.

Ongoing site management and production services to improve your site, build more pages that convert people, and keep your site up to date.

Deploy New Content ~1 to 3 hours
CMS Transition Planning ~3 to 6 hours
Video/OTT Strategy Deployment ~2 to 4 hours

Markting support for your web site. Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, custom PHP, Marketing Automation Systems, and more. Plus graphics, video, and design: Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects.


Audience Development Marketing
Build targeted audiences that match your demographics. Identify market characteristics, similar-audience identification, strategies and tactics for reaching them.
Industry Roundup Newsletter
Produce a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter covering news from your industry. Keep your prospects engaged and show leadership with a weekly or bi-weekly newsletter highlighting the news from around your specific market.
Product Management
New and existing products. Help thinking through new digital products or help with existing products. Roadmap development. Product specifications. Developer supervision.


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Work Experience

See Projects

Oracle Corporation

International Marketing and SEO

The Channel Company

VP, Digital Products

United Business Media

Director of Marketing, Director Online, Content Operations, and Syndication

Education & Skills

Emerson College

Bachelor of Fine Arts
Creative Writing/Publishing, Editor of Omnivore magazine, President of Experimental Film and Animation Society.


  • Analytics: Omniture/Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics. Certified in Google Analytics.
  • Programming: PHP, Cold Fusion, Xcode, HTML5, Javascript, Agile, mySql
  • Graphics: Premiere (Video Editing), After Effects (Motion Graphics), Photoshop, Screenflow (demo software).
  • Marketing Automation and Content Management: Eloqua (now Oracle Marketing Cloud), Responsys, Brightedge, Wordpress, Drupal, Teamsite, Screaming Frog, Hubspot CRM, Saleforce
  • Language: Spanish & English