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Top Trends that will Drive B2B Digital Growth in 2019

IAB - Empowering the Marketing and Media Industries to Thrive in the Digital Economy--Programmatic and Account-Based Marketing (ABM) will continue to be top themes for B2B marketers in the digital space according to the IAB B2B Committee, driven by new thinking about technology, data and audience targeting that will bring new opportunities – and also some potential challenges for 2019 and beyond. IAB member eMarketer recently published their … Continued
February 17, 2019 Go to IAB - Empowering the Marketing and Media Industries to Thrive in the Digital Economy

Why Haven't Sales and Marketing Undergone a Digital Transformation?

Neal Schaffer-Social Media Speaker, Author, Consultant, Educator and Influencer--The Digital Transformation terminology has become so prevalent in business yet followed by so few companies, especially in sales and marketing. Why?
February 16, 2019 Go to Neal Schaffer-Social Media Speaker, Author, Consultant, Educator and Influencer

How to Avoid Scope Creep in Content Marketing Projects

MerlinOne--Scope creep may seem inevitable, but it's preventable. Here's how content marketing teams can avoid dreaded scope creep in their project plans.
February 14, 2019 Go to MerlinOne

The Taxonomy Of YouTube Videos (And How You Can Develop Original Content That Works)

Tubefilter--Here's a comprehensive Taxonomy of YouTube Videos that can help you learn why certain channels succeed, why others fail, and how you can build your own.
February 12, 2019 Go to Tubefilter

The 411 on Content Marketing in Enterprises [New Research]

Content Marketing Institute--Look at some of the big issues, trends, and opportunities revealed in the findings of Content Marketing Institute’s latest study of enterprise marketers.
February 10, 2019 Go to Content Marketing Institute

5 Real Examples of Advanced Content Promotion Strategies

Moz--If you're looking to grow, your content promotion needs to move beyond mere social promotion. See how advanced content promotion strategies are working for successful companies and take away solid strategies you can emulate for improved growth.
February 08, 2019 Go to Moz

The podcast biz in China is 23x more valuable than in the US thanks to paid subscriptions

The Hustle--Thanks to paid subscribers, China’s podcast industry is worth $7.3B -- 23x larger than America’s ad-supported podcast industry.
February 07, 2019 Go to The Hustle

This leaked Fyre Festival pitch deck shows how Billy McFarland was able to secure millions for the most overhyped festival in history

Business Insider--The organizers got investors to pump $26 million into the doomed Fyre Festival. See the leaked pitch deck they used to do it.
February 06, 2019 Go to Business Insider

Fuck Jerry doesn't want you to watch a Vic Berger video making fun of them; here's that Vic Berger video

News--Fuck Jerry, the fine folks best known for their work in marketing the Fyre Festival and making a successful company by stealing other people’s jokes, have found a bold new business strategy for 2019: shutting down videos critical of their practices.
February 05, 2019 Go to News