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Kindle Vella - Reader Experience

kdp Documentation for new Kindle shorts format.

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7 Go-To Content Marketing Resources (For B2B Marketers)

Foundation Marketing Tyring to improve your marketing efforts but you've come across an overwhelming amount of online resources and don't know where to start? Not to worry. We've got you covered.

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Content Audit & Optimization Plan for Your Website

surferseo With Content Planner for the domian you can quickly review the state of your website’s content, find a ready optimization action plan, and get writing guidelines to improve each of your pages.

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Using Regex in GSC to Find Longtail Keywords and Questions

SEO Notebook With Google Search Console, find out which questions your site ranks well.

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Why CAPTCHAs have gotten so difficult

The Verge Demonstrating you’re not a robot is getting harder and harder

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What Are Marketing Leadership's Biggest Gaps?

Marketing Charts Close to 6 in 10 CMOs rate the caliber of their global marketing teams as excellent (14%) or very good (44%).

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B2B CMO says B2B Marketing is Over. Here's Why.

ivanti Business stakeholders are consumers who have leveled up expectations for responsiveness, immediacy and personalization in every area of their lives.

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What You Should (& Should Not) Do with Your Sitelinks

Search Engine Journal Here are tips and examples on how you can leverage sitelinks to improve your paid search campaigns' performance and brand awareness.

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How Attorneys Should Use Google My Business

Bardorf Legal Marketing Google My Business is a must-have in today’s virtual world. Even for attorneys who traditionally rely on referrals for business need to be visible and discove

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Marketers Still Struggling to Measure Content Performance

Marketing Charts About 6 in 10 marketers are finding measuring content marketing performance either extremely (7%) or moderately difficult (54%).

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Content Marketing in a Remote First World

Mamu Media When content marketing in a remote-first world the surest route to success is to meet your audience where they are. 

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SEO is Turning into a Questions and Answers Game

Neil Patel 14.1% of all searches on Google are in the form of a question.

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The Great Amazon Flip-a-Thon

NYTimes.com New firms are raising billions of dollars to buy up popular Amazon listings, minting millionaires along the way. Here’s how it works.

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4 Sales Enablement Content Problems That Marketers Must Avoid

Allego Learn about the four sales enablement content problems that marketers must avoid and the tactics to resolve them.

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Social Sampling for Consumer Insights

customerthink Social sampling borrows from the highly effective playbook of advertisers who have recognized the precision and effectiveness of targeting niche audiences on a global scale

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Why Malicious Cloned Sites Are Publishers Greatest Threat

GeoEdge 89% of publishers serve deceptive ads, exposing average users to around one malicious cloned site a day.

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Technology Content Marketers' Priorities

MarketingProfs Technology marketers responded to a survey about their content marketing intentions, content types used, and goals achieved through content marketing. Check out the research.

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Email Marketing Benchmarks (Q1-Q2 2019)

getresponse Get your hands on the latest email marketing statistics! Want to know what the average email open rate in your industry is? Or what's a good click-through rate? You'll find the answers to these and other similar questions in this data-packed report.

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How to Work with Remote Admin Assistants & PAs

Oriel Partners Remote PAs and Administrative Assistants can be a challenge. These tips will help set the stage for a good working relationship.

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